Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snapshot sunday: Real Men Wear Pink

It's been another interesting week here. We've decided that nursing is not quite enough for bedtime anymore so we must make going to bed from a half hour process to a hour and a half to three hour process. We've got a good bedtime routine going but it's not really helping at this point.

Highlights of the week:
St. Patrick's day was on Thursday and Phillip decided he needed an outfit. We are calling this is Irish Farmer look

His bumbo has become just about his favorite place in the world. His exersaucer is still high on the list though!
It's amazing to watch him try to reach for things. Like the basket of toys under the end table.
I was almost afraid he was going to fall out!

I also feel the need to post this one:
'Cause you know his Daddy is going to be horrified that people know he wears pink!

In happy news, I'm dreaming again which means I"m actually getting into a deep enough sleep to actually dream. I think this week is the first time since he's been born that that's happened. I also don't feel like I need to go to bed with him at 7 every night. Some nights, yes but not every night anymore. He's still up a couple of times a night but it's settling into a good amount and I think we are all getting more sleep.

He's still not rolling over on any sort of regular basis. He gets up to his side and that's about it. We asked the doctor about it at the well baby visit but he wasn't worried. He said that his muscle tone is good and he'll get there when he gets there. Also, Asher is now at 17 pounds and 25 7/8 inches. He's not quite so high on the charts for height anymore but still growing at a good weight. Thankfully this slow down might mean that we do have a bit more time before needing to replace his car seat. He's growing out of it fast!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Weight

Yup, I'm here to talk about weight. Specifically, baby weight. Not his, mine!

His weight is fine, he's gaining like a champ. Mine however seems to have come to a screeching halt as far as loss. It's driving me nuts. The problem is that I'm not even sure when I'd add any "real" exercise into my schedule. I'm currently 14 pounds up from my pre-baby weight and I'd like to at least have some sort of a plan. I've never been good at dieting or sticking to an exercise program because I've never really needed to.

My current plan of attack is to try and food diary for a week and add at least a half hour walk in the afternoon as the weather allows.

I'm open to any suggestions on how to fit in exercise in with a high needs baby!