Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stuff guilt

I, like most people I know, own a lot of stuff.

Probably too much stuff.

For a bit over a year now I've been making a serious effort to get rid of a bunch of stuff we never use or will likely never need again.

Out the door has gone clothing, books, kitchen gadgets, college papers, movies and even sewing supplies.

I've tried to think more carefully about what I'm bringing in. Instead of buying books, I've checked the library and waited for a copy. Instead of purchasing items for new projects, I've more carefully dug through what I have already.

I've tried to think it through for myself.

Then comes my oldest son's 4th birthday.

We bought him stuff. Maybe too much stuff. Then the grandparents bought him stuff. Then we had a party and was given stuff.

I'm not ungrateful for the things he was given. We had a lovely time at the party and they are things he will enjoy but I'm wondering where to draw the line.

It's much, much easier to flow the tide of my own consumption but not so easy to think it through for my kids.