Saturday, May 30, 2009

I suck at destashing and project updates...

I forgot that I commited to another small personal swap and I don't have the yarn for it so I'm having to order some orange and green wool. Does this count since I did this before I said I was on a craft supplies diet? Probably. Oh well, I've also decided that it doesn't count if my mom gave it to me. So all the paper, album and stickers I'm bringing home don't count. Listen to my loud justifications!

I do have a progress report though.

1. Dots blanket:Done! I absoluately love it. It is for a swap though so it'll be in the mail on tuesday or wednesday and on it's way to my partner.

2. Knitted toys: 1 down, 2 to go. I'll be done by tuesday night. It's for the swap as well.
3. Finish coasters - Done, no pics since I forgot.
4. Crochet roses - Done, but I knit it instead. For some reason I really hate crocheting small items but don't mind knitting them.

5. Crochet pillow - Not going to get done. It was for the swap but I went a different direction instead.

Current top 5 to-do:
1. Two broomstick lace scarves: Need to get the yarn ordered.
2. Fingerless gloves
3. Heart square
4. Wedding album
5. versatility

Here's to actually getting to do lists done!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Top 5 projects to finish

In honour of my attempting to do some downsizing of my massive craft pile, I present my top 5 needing to work on projects!

1. Dots blanket - I should actually be finished this one tonite. I need to be done it by sunday morning
2. Knitted toys - I have two I need to do by June 1
3. Finish coasters - hopefully tonite
4. Crochet roses - once again, hopefully tonite or tomorrow.
5. Crochet pillow

Some of these are swap items and some of them are for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry. It's a ton of fun! Anyway, just narrowing down the list for myself. Hopefully I'll have knocked out 3 of the 5 in the next two days.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seriously bored, enter the writing prompts!

Slow day at work and I'm getting antsy but have nothign interesting to blog about to enter the writing prompts

mindbump suggested by Testube

"Describe your most embarrassing musical purchase. What's hidden in your skeleton CD rack?"

Can I confess to my husband's hidden skeleton first? He has 2 Hilary Duff CD's.
Okay, now back to mine.

All through high school I was one of the teenagers that said that they hated pop. I went to high school in the boy band, pop princess era. Britney Spears came out when I was in 11th grade along with Christina Aguilera. Also popular were N'Sync and the Backstreet boys. Verbally I loathed them, but really in my heart I really liked them! Never huge into Britney but I did like Christina quite a bit. However, my hidden skeleton in my CD case is my Backstreet boys greatest Hits CD that I do still pull out from time to time. It's catchy, it's bubbly and yes, it's very embarassing. But admit it, there was at least on of their songs that you liked too, right?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here I am again

I think I have internet ADD. I start something, go strong for about a month or so and then quit. I did this with my 1001 list. I'm only slowly working on it now. I also did this with my reading 52 books this year. I've kind of fizzled out of that one in the last couple of weeks. I still have plenty of time to get it done and probably will eventually but I'm not focused on it right now. Oh well, at least I'm having a good time with it!

My current direction is because I spend way too much on crafting supplies. I can list probably 25 projects that I have all the stuff for. Wait, let's see if I can do it.
1. Versatility
2. Sage Diamond wrap
3. memory wire bracelets
4. Luna Lovegood's cardigan
5. felted roses
6. felted boxes
7. leftover swap hat
8. wedding scrapbook
9. Movie journals
10. Movie coasters
11. pencil holder
12. crochet hook case
15. needle roll
16. scraps blanket (not sure if I have enough for this one)
17. caliometry
18. Serpentine fingerless gloves
19. Huffllepuff wristwarmers
20. Heart square
21. Felted coasters
22. shirt to dress
23. bleached t-shirts
24. Handled purse
25. Dishclothes (probably enough cotton for 15-20 of them)
26. houndstooth scarf
27. Anthropologie inspired caplet

That was without looking at my project list or stash. I need to get this project mess under control!!! My current goal is, after tonite, not to buy any supplies for at least 1 month. I want to go longer than that but I figure if I goal 1 month it's a little more doable at first. I say after tonite because I have to pick up two balls of yarn to finish projects for other people. I am hereby on a supply buying fast from tomorrow until June 20th. Wish me Luck!