Thursday, August 28, 2014

Transitions and changes

I am not by nature a gentle person.

I'm in th quiet side when you first meet me because I hate small talk and generally like to get a feel for people and situations before I engage too much. Some people will at first confuse that quietness with timidity but it's not.

I yell at the tv when I'm listening to something that ticks me off.

I can rant on a moments notice and often tend to be the bull in the china shop because I really honestly don't pick up on a lot of the nuances in the culture where I currently live.

All that being said, I feel a strong call these days to live a more gentle life - more gentle with my family, more gently with the world around me and more gently with myself.

My intent here is to give myself a bit of accountability as I start this and to be honest about the difficulty of change. I want to be more gentle and that's a complete contradiction to my normal character. I want to change but font believe it will be easy.