Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seriously bored, enter the writing prompts!

Slow day at work and I'm getting antsy but have nothign interesting to blog about to enter the writing prompts

mindbump suggested by Testube

"Describe your most embarrassing musical purchase. What's hidden in your skeleton CD rack?"

Can I confess to my husband's hidden skeleton first? He has 2 Hilary Duff CD's.
Okay, now back to mine.

All through high school I was one of the teenagers that said that they hated pop. I went to high school in the boy band, pop princess era. Britney Spears came out when I was in 11th grade along with Christina Aguilera. Also popular were N'Sync and the Backstreet boys. Verbally I loathed them, but really in my heart I really liked them! Never huge into Britney but I did like Christina quite a bit. However, my hidden skeleton in my CD case is my Backstreet boys greatest Hits CD that I do still pull out from time to time. It's catchy, it's bubbly and yes, it's very embarassing. But admit it, there was at least on of their songs that you liked too, right?

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