Saturday, May 30, 2009

I suck at destashing and project updates...

I forgot that I commited to another small personal swap and I don't have the yarn for it so I'm having to order some orange and green wool. Does this count since I did this before I said I was on a craft supplies diet? Probably. Oh well, I've also decided that it doesn't count if my mom gave it to me. So all the paper, album and stickers I'm bringing home don't count. Listen to my loud justifications!

I do have a progress report though.

1. Dots blanket:Done! I absoluately love it. It is for a swap though so it'll be in the mail on tuesday or wednesday and on it's way to my partner.

2. Knitted toys: 1 down, 2 to go. I'll be done by tuesday night. It's for the swap as well.
3. Finish coasters - Done, no pics since I forgot.
4. Crochet roses - Done, but I knit it instead. For some reason I really hate crocheting small items but don't mind knitting them.

5. Crochet pillow - Not going to get done. It was for the swap but I went a different direction instead.

Current top 5 to-do:
1. Two broomstick lace scarves: Need to get the yarn ordered.
2. Fingerless gloves
3. Heart square
4. Wedding album
5. versatility

Here's to actually getting to do lists done!

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

your dots blanket is beautiful. and your blog is cool too. Just thought I'b pop by from craftster and say Hi. Oh and you should definately do number 98 on your list today!