Saturday, January 9, 2010


Nothing is so common-place as the wish to be remarkable. - Shakespeare

I actually came across this quote when watching the first season of criminal minds. I had never heard it before and had to go in search of it to make sure I got it right.

We all want to be known for something. We all want to be accepted for who we are and want to stand apart from the crowd. We all, in our own way, desire to live a life that is more than average. More than ordinary. Simply: more.

Most of us, I think, end up paralyzed and unable to move towards fulfilling this. Not everyone is going to be famous but each of us can be remarkable in our own way. I think with my applications finally be in, I feel this more. I understand this more and a lot of my emotions are tied into wanting to be accepted for the direction I'm wanting to go.

I really do want more than fine. Maybe they won't take me this year but there's always next year. At least I'm not paralyzed anymore.

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