Friday, May 13, 2011

A is for Asher

Constant surprise, this business for being a Mommy.

And it goes so fast.

And there are so many things that I hope I never forget.

How it feels to wake up snuggled up to a little bundle contentedly sleeping away.

First smiles.

First kisses.

The way he helps me with the laundry by unfolded all that I've just folded.


The way his baby cry moved into a big boy cry that moved into a very verbal babble.

The way I cuddled with him the other night and he started babbling "mamamamamamamama" in a very upset manner.

The day that toes suddenly became exciting.

The day that the taste of toes became exciting.

Smiles during diaper changes.

Faces made when he doesn't like the food he's offered.

Faces made when he does.

Cuteness beyond belief.

The way I discovered it was possible to fall completely in love with someone the first moment you saw them.

The way he peeks around Daddy to try and find me.

The way he peeks around me to find Daddy.

The excited look he gets on his face when he realizes that someone is going to pick him up out of his car seat.

The way he wiggles to get where he wants even though he can't quite crawl yet.

How excited his face gets when he discovers that he can do something new.

The way his eyebrows turn bright red when he's tired.

The way he lays his head down and relaxes into me when he's getting sleepy but not quite willing to admit defeat.

yeah, this mommy business is some pretty good stuff.

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