Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More baby stuff...

No nursery pics to update because I did some rearranging yesterday until I hit things that I couldn't move. The result is that there is stuff right in front of the crib so I can't get good shots until probably tomorrow.

I do have a few more things to show off:

Okay, okay, I know. Still boring. This is a pile of prefold diapers meant to stuff into these:
Pocket diapers. Sewn by yours truly. When did I turn into suzy homemaker?

I've also done quite a few of these which are already pre-stuffed sewn in types called fitted diapers:

I've also knit quite a few of these to go over the diapers:

Last but not least for the daily line up is some monkey paper that is going to be used in some wall-art we are doing. But since it involves Wiggles name, you'll have to wait to see the completed project!

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