Monday, December 29, 2008

Book Jounal: Twilight

Goal 92. Read 50 books and journal about them.

Book 1: Twilight
In high school I had a friend who was crazy about movies. After I while I learned that if Christy loved the movie, I was going to hate it. I cannot remember ever enjoying a movie that she recommended so after a while I learned that if she recommended it, I should probably avoid it.
I have another friend that I will ocassionally ask about movies or books and I've slowly discovered not to take her word for it when she's says that they weren't very good. To each their own opinion, of course, but at least I've learned now whose opinion will be likely to match mine.
Phillip and I went to see Twilight in theatres a few weeks ago and it was entertaining enough that I picked up a copy of the book. The author tells a good story and honestly it's refreshing to find a book that centers on a relationship but isn't entirely engrossed in sexual references. Sure, there is sexual tension but no graphic scenes and no sex in the focus relationship.
Everybody has their big deals when it comes to books and movies. Some people have a thing about violence or language but my pet peeve has always been sexuality so I guess this is why I've enjoyed the story so much. I don't like to watch or read things with a lot of sexual content, it's always bothered me like I'm intruding on a private moment and seeing things that my eyes shouldn't see (because I am) but I think it bothers me more than most people.

Fluffy teenager romance and all, I enjoyed it. It took me out of my world and sucessfully placed me in theirs. I was also eager for the second book and I haven't been that in a while. I guess I'm trying to say taht I understand the hype and it was a nice diversion from my usual heavy reading.


Tara said...

Yet another confirmation I need to read these books. One of these days I'll read a grown-up book again.

Jenn said...

I can lend you our copy if you want to borrow it. Besides, who needs grown up books?