Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Things done to help me succeed with some of these goals

Whew, having weird computer problems the last couple of days but here is hopeing that I can actually post this.
I've done a few things to help me with some of my more long-term goals.

#58. Read Bible all the way through.
I signed up for an email that will send me scripture passages daily that will go through it in one year. I figure even if I get behind so long as I don't delete them until I read them I should be doing ok. This should work well in the office when I have down time. I also pulled out my 1year Bible that I had to read in College. It goes through it differently than the emails will (One is chronological and one is old testament/new testament back and forth). Hopefully between the two I will actually make it through the Bible once in 2009.

86. Get back into a size 4.
I signed up at peertraining.com in hopes that if I have to check in daily that I will actually watch what I eat. It kind of worked already because I decided not to drink a coke because I already had to put that I ate chocolate on there. My first mini goal is to drink 8-8 ounce glasses of water a day. We'll see what it goes with next week. This will also help with 94. which is to work out 15 minutes a day for 30days consecutively.

Here's to progress!

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