Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One down, one progress shots!

#6. Get something so that I can work out in front of the TV. Done! Yesterday Phillip picked up a mini stepper for me. It fits next to the shoe rack under a counter so it's perfect for our little apartment. I was hoping to fit it under the couch but no go. I used it for 5 minutes this morning and started sweating pretty bad. I guess I need more exercise in my life!

#11. Destash supplies so they fit in designated areas. Progress! First, a threadcatcher to hang next to my sewing machine. It's made from a workshirt of Phillip's that they ordered in the wrong size and a shirt that was given to me that I'll never wear. I've gotten really tired of chasing down little bits of thread, hopefully this will help keep my madness contained!

Next, Snowflakes! Made from Yarn I received after Phillip's Grandmother passed away.

Not a lot of progress but with all the stuff I have, every little bit helps!

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