Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1. Send a secret into postsecret
2. create something to decorate over loveseat
3. Buy/make a jewelry box
4. Finish Gilmore girls collection
5. Make fingerless gloves for Mom
6. Get something so I can workout in front of TV
7. Try spinning
8. Take a self defense class
9.Take a dance class
10.Make a blanket for my office
11. destash supplies until they fit in designated areas
12. Finish quilt
13. Start a french self-study or class
14. Buy a DS
15. Buy a new car
16. Replace work out VHS with DVD's
17. Spend a 3 day weekend away with DH
18. Crochet a summer dress or sweater
19. Clean out harddrive
20. Declutter CD's
21. Sew a piece of clothing (wearable!)
22. Sew a purse
23. Change name on student loans
24. Finish filing for permanent residency
25. Close down secondary bank accounts
26. Write will
27. Get added to DH's bank accounts
28. Find 10 alternate funding sources for PhD program
29. Take child infant CPR
30. Go one week without coffee
31. Switch to environmentally safe cleaning products
32. Clean out laundry room closet
33. Buy convertor box for TV
34. Put up curtains in spare room
35. Buy metal water bottle to replace Nalgene container
36. Get a pedicure
37. Get a manicure
38. Take scenic train ride with DH
39. Decide what to do with wedding dress
40. Go one cycle only using cloth pads
41. Make bag for rags
42. Make magnetic spice jars for fridge
43. Catalog CD's
44. Update DVD catalog
45. Buy subscription to Rachel Ray magazine
46. Buy subscription to Interweave crochet
47. Burn Wedding video onto DVD
48. Finish stuffed tiger for DH
49. Finish beaded bracelets
50. Plant a herb garden
51. Get my brain age down to 25
52. Read through communication book with DH
53. Reduce debt load by 25%
54. Create Cirriculum Vitae
55. Update resume
56. Change SIN card to correct name
57. Go to dentist for checkup and cleaning
58. Read bible all the way through
59. Renew Passport
60. Organize keepsakes for scrapbook
61. Get driver's license
62. Do mending
63. Take the GRE
64. Finish outline for book
65. Get information for at least 4 top pick PhD programs
66. Make filing system for articles
67. Make digital copies of notes
68. Buy new PDA
69. Finish wedding scrapbook
70. Make a laceweight clapotis
71. Declutter kitchen cabinets
72. Backup picture files
73. Catalog family books
74. Catalog novels
75. Catalog resource books
76. Finish Sweater
77. Finish at least one craftalong
78. Make a cheesecake from scratch
79. Learn to do broomstick lace
80. Weave a ductape purse or wallet
81. Submit at least 5 articles for publishing consideration
82. Host a major holiday dinner
83. Check my credit score
84. Get a credit card to build credit with
85. Read at least 3 original political sources
86. Get back into a size 4
87. Get a library card
88. Buy a set of interchangeable knitting needles
89. Buy storage baskets for under coffee table
90. Move
91. Read the lord of the rings triology
92. Read 50 books and journal about them
93. Look into information regarding citizenship (even if I really don't want to)
94. Work out at least 15 minutes a day for 1 month
95. Handdye my own yarn
96. Knit a pair of socks
97. Go see a theatre production
98. Buy myself flowers
99. Plant my mini mums
100. Attend a Jewish service
101. Go 21 days without complaining

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