Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday check in #3

Well, I can't say I made any real progress this week. But I said I'd check in once and week, so here I am!

#33. Buy converter box for TV. We tried twice to no avail! Walmart was out of them. We have to go back tonite for something else so maybe tonite I can cross that one off.

#51 Get my brain age down to 25. I picked up brain age 2 mornings in a row now so at least I can say I'm working on it. It says I'm at 36 but that assessment is from months ago. My brain has defiantely aged since then.

#76. Finish sweater. Worked on it the last few days. The back is repetative and boring but I'm trucking away!

#92. Read 50 Books and journal abou them. I'm working on The Hobbit. Okay, okay, technically I've read it before but I still think it counts. It's my "light" Tolkien reading as I'm planning on reading the Lord of the Rings next.

On an unrealated note, we are seriously close to being done our Christmas shopping. This is a first for me, as it's not even December yet!

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