Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday 101 Check-in

Okay, time for my second friday 101 goal check in!

I'm down to 100 before this post and I have made some progress this week but not tons.

#11. Destash supplies until they fit in designated areas. Umm, Kind of progress. DH bought me a ballwinder for my birthday so I will be able to organize my yarn stash better. However, I also bought 4 balls of Caron Simply Soft Eco to make a houndstooth scarf with so I may be going forwards and backwards at the same time.

#14. Buy a DS. Done! I spent my birthday money on a Metallic Rose Nintendo DS. Now I just need a case for it!

I think that's pretty much it, but at least I'm down to 99!

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Tara said...

Can I say that I am jealous of your ball winder? Some day in the future may I use your ball winder? FYI in case you didn't know there's a LYS in Georgetown called R&M yars and they are starting to carry knitting/crochet yarn and supplies. They are going to start classes and sit-n-stitch groups. It's a bit of a drive, but let me know if you'd ever like to go out there. The people are really nice too.