Friday, June 12, 2009

Projects update while I'm at it.

1. 2 broomstick lace scarves (for different swap)- Done! But no pics because I forgot to take them before I packaged them up. Hopefully my partner will post pics and I can theive them from her.

3. Heart square (for quidditch)- Due July 1
4. HufflePuff wristwarmers (for quidditch)- Due July 15
5. Finish versatility (for Defense against the Dark Arts)- Due June 30. Making some progress. I need to buy buttons for it before I can finish but I've probably got about 2 more weeks of knitting before that happens!
6. Make a Nintendo DS cozy (Muggle Studies) - about a third done. Shouldn't be too much longer on it.
7. Mug Cozy (for Divination)- Due June 30

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